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POLIS POLICY - High Training Academy, the School organised by the Association Difendiamo il Futuro, is a Communication, Law, Economics and History seminar, where the lessons are interactive and based on the  discussion  between  participants  and  guest  speakers.  It  is  structured  into  three  sessions  taking place on Saturdays (in Torino and in Biella, Piedmont, Italy): one in February, one in March and one in April (for a total amount of 3 days of duration). Lessons, moments of conviviality with the speakers, an average of 120 participants for each session, for a total  amount  of  nearly  400  participants  -  of  different  ages  and  coming  from  different  fields,  such  as  the university,  the  world  of  voluntary  service,  the  entrepreneurship,  the  nonprofit,  public  and  private organizations - in every annual edition: these are the numbers of the School.

In this particular period the need of a new way of thinking politcs is strong, along with the necessity to learn and to know more for building the “Common Good”, according to the criteria of justice, equity, solidarity and subsidiarity. “Common Good” means not the sum of the individual interests, but the development of a public conscience.

During this intensive seminar, the participants are helped in developing criticism, ability in discovering the world and the desire to do something useful for the society.

This School represents today a real innovation in the educational offer and an opportunity for anyone who wants to be well-informed, formed and driven in deepening his comprehension of the social reality.

For the high scientific and social value of this project, the School is particularly indicated for young students willing to be leaders and builders of the reality in which they live: we believe, in fact, that such an opportunity may represent a real help for a young man to prepare for the future, a way to grow and become more and more capable of acting in a reality he will understand and evaluate with increased awareness.

The next edition will be dedicated to the theme of the future of democracy.

The three Sessions of the School will take place:

1) Saturday, 23rd November 2019

2) Saturday, 25th January 2020

3) Saturday, 14th March 2020


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